Peer Review And Value Engineering

Our goal for providing peer review and value engineering is to increase the safety, quality, effectiveness, constructability and cost efficiency of your existing plans. Our strength for providing high quality peer review and value engineering comes from using the lessons learned from engineering many new buildings for different usage and with different materials, and from investigating and analyzing many structural failures. Our Strength also comes from our extensive background, knowledge and understanding of the structural design and construction process.
Our peer review and value engineering services can increase the effectiveness of an existing design and detect serious errors early in the design and construction process. It is therefore very critical to get involved during the design process rather than waiting until the completion of the design. Our peer review can also evaluate and improve constructability and cost efficiency and avoid many change orders and construction problems.


  • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Structural Analysis and Design using
    - Structural Steel
    - Cast in Place Concrete
    - Pre-cast Concrete
    - Post-Tensioned Concrete
    - Insulated Concrete Foams (ICF)
    - Timber/Wood
    - Light Gauge Steel
    • Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit
    • Renovation/Repair Design
  • Structural Engineering Support
    • Structural Plan Check
    • Structural Peer Review
    • Value Engineering
  • Forensic Services
    • Structural failure investigation and repair
    • Foundation system settlement analysis
    • Site Inspections and Reports
    • Expert Witness Testimonies
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